Who We Serve – Our Customers

Since our company’s founding in 2007, we have supported several government contracts and we remain committed to providing the best products and software to our clients. Customers recognize Enlighten as a “go-to” partner to support their most critical mission requirements and nearly 100% of historical revenue is derived from contracts funded by Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), United States Cyber Command (USCC), and other intelligence community customers. The company is constantly seeking new contracting opportunities that will benefit all sectors. Please contact us for more information.

Prime Contracts

DISA Big Data Platform (BDP)

Enlighten is responsible for the development, operations, and maintenance of the DISA Big Data Platform (BDP).
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Ironshore encourages further development and enhancement of the BDP to achieve interoperability with other government agency systems and capabilities.


Cyberstrike is a sole-source award to develop and integrate additional capabilities into the BDP.

Cyber Situational Awareness Analytic Capabilities (CSAAC)

Since 2012, Enlighten has contributed to the development of defensive cyber operations analytics for the DoD cloud.

Other Prime Contracts

Bio Surveillance Portal at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL)

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MediMergent, LLC

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Lincoln Laboratory

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Enlighten currently derives approximately 80% of its income from prime contracts.