DISA’s 2017 Forecast to Industry


Last week, 1700 members of the industry were eagerly watching as the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) presented its innovative plans and new contracting opportunities at the annual Forecast to Industry event.

Among the speakers was Army LTG. Alan Lynn, director of DISA and commander of Joint Force Headquarters – Department of Defense Information Networks (JFHQ-DODIN). According to the article, he affirmed that partnerships between DISA and the industry “are key to supporting the warfighter.”

Take a look at some of the ideas that will help us fight cyber threats:

Mobility: LTG Lynn expressed interest in a “hot spot” technology so that warfighters can access the network quickly and securely. He also presented Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) alternatives to the Common Access Card (CAC) that can be used to access classified and unclassified networks from a single device. The alternatives “will facilitate the delivery of data to the warfighter in a much more fluid fashion than is possible today.”

Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Light Fidelity (Li-Fi): DISA leadership stated that they welcome SDN solutions and that they would like to improve communications via Li-Fi. Both technologies would make operations even faster and more flexible.

User Experience: Alfred Rivera, director of the Development and Business Center, would like the industry to introduce systems that improve the user experience for the warfighter by reducing complexity.

Increased Interoperability: Army COL Brian Lyttle, program executive officer for Cyber, would like technologies to be easily added to the existing infrastructure. “It’s all about interoperability,” he stated. “That is how we will get what we need to the warfighter in the most efficient and effective way.”


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